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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Best Selection Application S60 3rd Edition Symbian

1. Autolock

AutoLock is a free automatic key lock application. It will turn key lock on after certain amount of time of inactivity. For some weird reason, some of Nokia's new phones don't do that automatically.

2. Adobe PDF Reader
With the application you can read PDF documents on the display of your device. Documents can be accessed and opened in the following ways:
* Opening an email attachment from received e-mail messages (network service)
* Document sent using Bluetooth technology to your Inbox in Messgaing
* Using the File manager to browse and open documents stored in the phone memory and on memory card
* Browsing Web pages

3. Internet Radio
The application supports SHOUTcast streaming audio playback. Currently, MP3 and AAC+ streams are supported. The application also supports local playback of audio files in the following formats: MP3, AAC, eAAC+, MP4, M4A, WMA, 3GPP, AMR, and WAV. Note that some formats may not be supported on some S60 products.

4. Y-Browser
Y-Browser is a file manager for Symbian OS devices. It implements most standard features on files (such as copy, cut, paste, etc) & folders (create, remove, etc) and it allows you to work with "hidden, system" folders. Its addons are very unique compared to other free file managers (like SExplorer or SysExplorer), because they allow you to save to the filesystem files that were sent via Bluetooth and got stuck in Messaging.

5. QRreader
QReader is a high quality ebook reader, easy and powerful. It supports plain text (.txt), Palm DOC (.prc and .pdb), TCR, FB2 and UMD files reading. Alternatively, check the MobiPocket Reader.

6. DivX Player
A great DivX player, requires free registration. Can playback 320kbps QVGA DivX video at 15fps without dropping any frames. Make sure you get at least the 0.85 version or above.

7. Nokia Podcasting
The Nokia Podcasting application allows you to find, subscribe to and download podcasts over the air with your Nokia N91. After downloading a podcast, you can listen to or watch it when you want.

Search, Find, Connect - the mobile search software for Nokia mobile phones is a simple, convenient, and fast way to find and connect to local services, websites, images, and mobile content via Yahoo!. It also supports mapping via Microsoft Local.

9. Screenshot 2
Screenshot for Symbian OS is a free program to take screenshot on your Symbian OS mobile phones. You can capture screenshot and save it to a file in JPEG, BMP, PNG or MBM format.

10. PuTTY
PuTTY is a free SSH client. Especially if you own an E61/E62/E70 which come with Qwerty keyboards, this software is a must have for all you Unix guys reading this!

From all the above applications, only the #1 and #2 are not available for the S60 2nd Edition phones.

Honorable Mentions:

* Zip Manager
Zip Manager is a powerful and easy-to-use file compression program for the Nokia E61. ZIP Manager allows you to handle zip files in a convenient way. It offers a graphical interface to add, extract, and open files, as well as toperform other commands. The reason this is not in the top-10 is because I am not sure is truly free. It came for free in my E61, and its package is freely available, I am just not sure if it will work freely in all other phone models too. Try and see.

* Still Image Editor
Edit your megapixel images by adding clip art, multicolor frames, color adjustments, text, resize & rotation and much more. This application came with the Nokia 3250 but it works on other phone models too. It is not in the top10 list because I am not sure if it's a native C++ Symbian application or a J2ME one packaged in a Symbian package. To use this application after installation, open your image with your Gallery/Images application and then from the menu choose "Edit".

And speaking about J2ME, here is the list with the best Java applications (not games) that you can use in *any* phone model today! That page is mobile-friendly so you can directly use it with your cellphone.

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